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Monday 11 May, 2015

Greeting to you all from Cairns.

Whilst much of our country is experiencing a change in season, Cairns continues to remain pleasantly warm. We have been blessed with much sunshine in recent weeks, making it difficult to grasp that in the southern part of our state as well as other parts of the country, much flooding has taken place. Having some understanding of cyclonic storm and flood experiences, we pray for the families that have been adversely affected by the recent storms, with the loss of property and livestock, and even more importantly, family members. We pray that through these difficult events, many people may also be brought closer to God, and experience His love and care as they face the physical challenges of this life.

Despite the fact that our climatic season is very stable, we have experienced a change in season in our Church environment, as we have farewelled the Pleiter family who have left us in dribs and drabs over the past few weeks and months. Tyler was the first to head back to Perth, so as to be in the area by the time the university doors were open for the beginning of another year. Michelle and the children returned to Perth during the recent school holidays, so that they could also be back in time for the beginning of the next school term. And this week we will also say good-bye to Brad who remained behind to tie up a few work related loose ends. We wish this family God's richest blessings as they begin a new chapter in their life, finding new routines and friendships, jobs, a home, settling into a new Church congregation as well as all the many other tasks that come with moving into a new place. 

Whilst the Pleiter family was in our midst, our brother Brad had been serving our Church group in the role of deacon. Following his request, to be relieved from this position, our brother Dean Visser has been appointed to this role and was ordained to this position some week's ago. We thank God for the work we could receive in Brad, during his time of office. We also pray that God will give Dean the strength he needs to carry out his task in the coming years.

Of more recent we could enjoy two Sunday's with Rev Hagg in our midst. It was a wonderful opportunity for our pastor to connect with the families, as he visited the homes, and also to share our life situations with him. We could also enjoy the celebration of Lord's Supper, being encouraged richly by the visible sign of Christ's sacrifice for us His children. Rev Hagg hasn't been our only recent visitor, in fact we enjoyed many new faces in the past weeks, particularly during the school holiday period. We appreciate the continuous stream of guests in our midst, and thank the Lord for the blessing we receive through them. This coming week we welcome Br and Sr Postmus from the Church of Rockingham, who hope to spend some time in Cairns, catching up with family. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

We continue to remember our Br & Sr Bruce and Dina t'Hart, who have settled into Cairns temporarily, as they struggle to solve visa issues, which disallow them back into Lae. Our Brother Bruce has been granted employment with one of our local private schools for this term, as they also seek direction in closing the chapter of their life in Lae. Whilst the situation is very challenging for this family, we thank God for bringing them into our community and for the opportunity we have to enjoy fellowship with them as well as be encouraged by them.

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