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Support for our PNG Missionary families

Saturday 28 March, 2015

Yes, we are still here!! It’s been a while since we could share some of our church lives with you all, and pray that we are still in your thoughts and prayers also. There is much work to be done, and much has been happening in our small church group in Cairns, and we all feel the load from time to time, and do appreciate your support and prayers.

We have had many visitors, both local and interstate or overseas who join us with our services. Many of these are based in PNG, involved in the mission work there, both from our own church, but also others. Over the past few weeks we have had the company not only of Bruce and Dinah t’Hart, who many of us know well from their work in Lae, but also of at least two families who work in the region of Ukurumpa. Regular readers may remember the Jon and Adie Leedahl family, who we could support locally after Jon’s motorcycle accident and subsequent leg amputation. After 5 months of treatment and care, it was recently discovered that his wound is not healing properly,and so the Leedahl family have recently moved back to America to receive specialised treatment. We wish them well and pray that God is with them in their path with Him, wherever that may take them.

We have also been enjoying the company of the Pauw family. Michele and Erna came to Cairns for the birth of their 4th child, and are currently waiting for visas to return to PNG, where Michele hopes to continue his Bible translation work, which we could listen to first hand at a presentation at church last week. We wish this family all the Lord’s blessings on their work there also.

On the subject of visas, the t’Hart family are also waiting for news regarding a visa to return to PNG. After an emergency flight to Cairns with a sick child, the t’Harts have become somewhat stranded in Cairns with no passports and a difficult process to obtain correct paperwork, which is by no means guaranteed success. We will enjoy their company for a while, and really, you couldn’t find a better place to be stranded!!

Apart from the cyclones, that is. We are thankful that God spared Cairns from the power of cyclone Nathan, and pray for those who may be affected by the destructive forces of these ‘natural’ events. We know that God has all these things in His control, and pray that all may come to a knowledge of Him, also through these events.

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