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A family in need!

Wednesday 17 December, 2014

Hi everyone,
As a church group and individually we are supporting the Leedahl family in different ways. While we did not know the Leedahls personally prior to the accident we do share many common contacts on the mission field. As mission workers, the Leedahls have to seek their own financial support. Obviously an accident of this nature cannot be planned for and increases their need tremendously.
We are just putting it out there, anyway we can. If you feel you can help, please do.

Please feel free to share this!

Introducing the Leedahls

Introducing the Leedahls!
Jon and Adie Leedahl, together with their 3 boys, Jayden, Levi and Jace, serve with a missionary organization called New Tribes Mission. They are temporarily based in Ukurumpa, PNG serving the Lord in the area of aviation, where Jon is able to support missionaries by being their “wings,” flying into remote places that can only be reached by aircraft.

On the 15th of October in Papua New Guinea, Jon Leedahl was involved in a road accident on his way home from the hangar where he had been working. He sustained serious injuries to both legs, and was evacuated as soon as possible to Cairns for further medical treatment. 

Since arriving in Cairns, Jon’s medical journey has been a huge rollercoaster ride, full of spiritual and emotional challenges, surrounded by many physical battles as he and Adie had to come to terms with Jon loosing one leg as well as fighting some difficult infections to the rest of his body. Much of Jon and Adie’s journey following his accident, can be found on their website -

At the time of writing, 9 weeks since the accident, Jon is still a patient in Cairns Base Hospital. It is the earnest prayer of their family that he may be able to come home by Christmas, to the place where Adie and the boys are staying in Cairns.

As a Church group we feel privileged and thankful for the opportunity we have to surround this family with love and care, during this extremely difficult situation. Apart from hospital visits, much practical care has been administered, as well as financial support for the ongoing costs this family has, whilst living in Cairns.

Pastor Ian Wildeboer has also played an important role in assisting this family spiritually, with his regular visits to the hospital, praying and reading God’s word with Jon and Adie, and encouraging them through some of their darkest times.

Through our cares for Jon and Adie, we have come to realise that Jon’s journey of recovery will involve much time in Cairns and later back in the U.S where he hopes to be fitted with a prosthetic leg. As well as time, this family will also be financially burdened in a huge way. A part from the day to day costing of making their home in a new city, the cost involved with Jon’s medical bills as well as his future prosthetic leg are anticipated to be in the vicinity of more than $100,000. 

Although donations for Jon’s journey of recovery are already being called for in the U.S, our Church group would also like to share this need, which has been placed on our path. 

Please consider whether you are personally able to support the Leedahls financially, either through a large or small donation. All contributions are immensely appreciated, and will go a long way towards seeing Jon hopefully take up his task once again.

Donations can be made to Jon and Adie by direct deposit into their Australian bank account. Please contact us via email for bank details. 

For persons seeking a receipt for tax purposes, donations will need to be made via the Leedahl’s website –

 Please note that all donations via this method will be processed at the U.S exchange rate and may involve international transaction fees. 

We would also like to encourage you to remember this family in prayer, knowing that Jon’s physical journey of recovery, as well as the emotional and spiritual recovery and journey of this family, will continue to be challenged in the coming months and years.

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