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Nearly Christmas

Wednesday 17 December, 2014

Hello from Cairns. A year certainly does fly by, and we can look back very thankfully on the way God has directed our steps in the year past. He has blessed us in every way, leading us through the good times and the trials He has laid out before us, to strengthen and shape us. Every time we step out in faith, we can look back and marvel at how God's wisdom, grace, love and power is displayed in the way He works things out in our lives. If we don't take these steps of faith, we rob ourselves of the joy we get from watching God at work in our lives and instead we spend our time wrestling with God for control of our future. With our lives safely in God's hands we can eagerly look forward to the start of a new year. But first we may enjoy the biggest birthday on the calendar! What a marvellous truth we can remember and retell at Christmas. Almighty God humbled Himself to become man and live a perfect life for us and carry the burden of our sin to the cross. Why? Why would He do that? And why us? It's an amazing historical fact! An immense comfort.

This week we have said goodbye to the Wildeboer family (and Sjanie). We have loved having them all here. The Lord willing Chris and Nicole Steenhof will again be passing through Cairns this weekend. Chris hopes to do a presentation for us on the work they are doing in Lae, especially on the school. We hope to fit this in today between our worship services. Next week we look forward to the Kleyn family stopping over on their way back from WA to PNG. We are thankful that Rev Kleyn has offered to preach the Word and eagerly look forward to it. We pray God continues to bless these families with wisdom and strength in the important task they are blessed to be able to do in PNG. We also pray God will watch over the other missionaries especially the Sikkema family and keep them in our prayers. 

Until next year, lot's of love from you brothers and sisters in Cairns! 

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