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Let the calling work begin..

Saturday 06 December, 2014

Greetings from the Banana Benders! Finally we have had some much needed rain here in Cairns!  Hopefully things will soon be looking a much nicer shade of green - rather than the brown we have seen for a while now.  Thanks to God for this rain! Maybe this is the start of the 'wet season' this year?
We have said goodbye to most of our missionary families. It was great to have them here for their mission conference and we pray the Lord will continue to bless the conference so they may all be a support to one another in the important work they do in PNG. 
We are very thankful to have Rev Wildeboer and his family still here in Cairns - and willing to lead our services today. This morning, we are also richly blessed in being able to celebrate the Lords Supper together. We pray we may all be edified with the preaching and sacraments today. 
 Over the past two weeks the children have all finished their schooling for 2014.  We are thankful they have all had a great year and we wish them God's blessings over the school holidays. May they all have a refreshing break so they can resume their task again in 2015.
We are very thankful that last week Sunday the Armadale congregation could show their support in working towards calling a pastor for the work in Cairns. It is wonderful that we can now move forward in the calling work and we pray for God's care and guidance over those appointed to the calling committee. 
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Have a fantastic Sunday! Love from your brothers and sisters in Cairns.

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