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Barbecue with the Reformed Ministry Missionary Families

Tuesday 25 November, 2014

On Friday evening, our Church group, together with the PNG families visiting Cairns for the Reformed Ministries conference, were able to enjoy a relaxing barbecue down by the lagoon. It was a great opportunity for our Church group to connect with our missionary families who live so close to us, and yet still operate in another country. Most of the families are no longer strangers to our Church group and it was wonderful to reconnect and share recent experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. Friday was also the last day of the Reformed Ministries conference and so a fabulous way to finish off the week after a full 5 day program. We are very thankful for the close and positive connections we may share with all the missionary families on the field in PNG, and pray that God may continue to bless them all as they head in different directions for the Christmas/New Year period. Please enjoy some of the photos that were taken on Friday's event.

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