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A new elder and more

Saturday 22 November, 2014

Well things certainly have been happening around here! It was a wonderful blessing to be able to witness the ordination of our br Matt Postmus last week to the office of elder. We were also blessed with having  Rev Kleyn in our midst who was able to preach an encouraging and very relevant sermon about obeying our leaders. Rev Kleyn and his family as well as many of the other mission workers from PNG have gathered together in Cairns for a mission conference. We can look back on a very enjoyable BBQ at the Lagoon on Friday night, together with all the mission families. We are blessed to have Rev Versteeg on the pulpit for both services tomorrow.

The past week has seen Maria and Cameron graduate from Year 12 and we pray God will direct and guide them as they plan for the future. The other school and Uni students are also working hard  as the study year draws to a close. Speaking further of students, we have been blessed with a financial gift from some lovely young ladies at the John Calvin Christian College in WA who raised some money at their school Venture Day in support of the group here in Cairns. Thank you very much for your thoughts and efforts!

We would like to offer our congratulations to the youth in Armadale that did their confession last week and encourage them to walk faithfully in the ways of the Lord, imitating Jesus. It is a blessing to have the Gospel promises, lets encourage each other to not take them for granted but to share the wonderful news with everyone we can. After all what better way can we glorify God?

After tomorrow morning's service the Armadale consistory plans to meet with the congregation in order to move forward with the calling of a pastor for the work here in Cairns. We pray all will go smoothly so that the work of reaching out to the lost in Cairns can be carried out to its full potential. It is an honour that God is at work here gathering His kingdom and He allows us and the resources He gives us to be used for this work.

Each of us is called to give of ourselves to further His kingdom. This opportunity differs for us all, but we must seek it out and faithfully carry it out as best we can. It has been a very tough decision to make, but we (the Pleiter family) have made the decision to return to the WA metro area. We absolutely love Cairns and have invested much of our time, energy and resources into the work here, and been tremendously blessed in return with God's blessing of a faithful church community and rapid spiritual growth. However we feel our first responsibility lies with our children and found that due to their varied and specific education needs, we would very likely be living away from the majority of them over the next few years. The university in Cairns is a very good one but does not meet our specific needs. While we more than likely  will return to Cairns or some other outreach/mission project in the future, we will be coming back to live in Perth for a while. We pray God will provide other families to take up the task and continue the work in His Kingdom here in Cairns.

Below is our elder Rodney Byl, Matt Plug who has recently retired as elder and our recently ordained elder Matt Postmus.

Rodney Byl, Matt Plug and Matt Postmus

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