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Wednesday 12 November, 2014

In this past week, one of our larger families, has regretfully shared their decision to move to Perth, WA. This has been a difficult decision for Brad & Michelle Pleiter (and their children), who enjoy living in Cairns, and play an integral role in our our Church work and development. However circumstances surrounding their older children's university choices has made it difficult for them to remain in Cairns, and they need to return to WA to pursue their studies. We pray that God will bless this family as they prepare for this move, and also open the necessary doors for their move to go smoothly.

In any small Church group, where close relationships are built, farewells are never easy. This family will be sorely missed by all, and their departure is something many of our members are still coming to terms with. It is our prayer that God may carry our congregation during this challenging time of readjustment.

Whilst we lay our trust entirely in God's hand for His future care and protection over our Church group, it is also our sincere desire that He may open the hearts of other families and individuals to consider moving to Cairns, to support the work which is happening here. God has placed much need on our path, both physically and spiritually. Our arms are constantly serving in our local community, supporting our broader missionary community as well as being busy with our own Church activities. Whilst we love this work and the blessings that come with it, it requires much energy, and regularly we feel that our Church numbers are not always able to cater for the need that is placed on our path. Additional support from families and individuals who have energy for assisting us in our work, is something we would value in a big way.

Please join us in our prayer, both for the Pleiter family as they move back to Perth, as well as our own Cairns congregation as we continue in our task, in this amazing place that God has called us to be. And if anyone has further interest in being part of the work here in Cairns, feel free to private message our Church group through our Facebook page or contact can be found on our Church website -

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