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More good news!

Sunday 09 November, 2014

Hello from Far North Queensland! We had some wonderful news in the past two weeks. Firstly we rejoice with the Wildeboer family who were able to welcome into the world a baby daughter named Ava Adriana. What a blessing for them all, especially seeing that all has gone well throughout the pregnancy and birth. We pray God will be with Ava as she grows and ask that God will guide her parents as they carry out the precious task of bringing her up as a child of God. Secondly, Classis Central has met and has agreed to support Armadale church financially in the calling of a pastor for Cairns. This is wonderful news and a big step forward for us all. Over the next few weeks, details of the way forward will need to be worked out and preparations made to present a 'proposal to call' to the Armadale congregation. We all thank God for this wonderful blessing.

Last week also, we could hear the announcement that our brother Matt Postmus was appointed to the office of elder by the Armadale consistory, and if no lawful objections are brought forward, we anticipate his ordination will take place on 16/11.

It is a busy time of the year for the students among us, with the end of year school/uni exams beginning already. A School awards night was also held during the past week and graduation is not far off for Cameron Pleiter who is finishing year 12 this year. It is a blessing that his grandparents are able to be here to witness and participate in these events. We can also enjoy the company of our sister Cheree's mum who will be coming this week to spend some time among us.

In this past few weeks a number of people have reached out to the church here asking for help. We remember the example our Saviour gave and the compassion he showed to all people. We keep the unfortunate in our prayers, but we are also able to give them a basket of food items which members contribute towards week by week. We keep these food hampers ready for such occasions, filled with lasting food items as well as encouraging Biblical literature. It has certainly helped in the formation of relationships with those that hit rough times.

We have also had some sad news of late. A pilot for a mission project in PNG was involved in a motorbike accident  which resulted in one of his legs being amputated. While we did not know this gentleman personally, he was close friends with some of our past visitors and ongoing contacts. He is now in hospital in Cairns and will be spending quite some time here recovering, with his young family in tow, before returning to the US. We pray God will grant them the strength needed to cope with the consequences of the accident he has endured, and hope we can assist them through this tough time. With a mission conference happening next week, we expect to have the company of quite a gathering of mission families and will also hopefully be able to hear a number of them preach on our pulpit. Your brothers and sister in Cairns.

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