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Saturday 25 October, 2014

Greetings from Cairns! We certainly did get quite a group of visitors last week. People from the local area as well as Holland and PNG. This makes for a wonderful day of worship. We are also richly blessed to have the Wildeboer family here and enjoy the preaching of the Word from Pastor Ian. We pray all will go well with Nadia and the child she carries, as it gets very close to the time of delivery. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the Sikkema family as they take time to recharge themselves. Being close to PNG we do have quite a bit of interaction with missionaries and aid workers from our churches as well as others outside of our bond. We regularly have them join us for worship as they spend time in Cairns on their way to/from PNG. Many times they also come to Cairns for medical treatment. The work on the mission field requires  much labour from the missionaries and they can face very challenging situations and difficulties. Please continue to keep this important work and the workers in your prayers.

Talking about labour, a lot of work has been done during the past 5 years, both by the members here in Cairns and the consistory in Armadale, working towards the goal of having a minister of our own to work here in Cairns. With this in mind we have all been paying very close attention to Classis Central as they met on Friday morning just past. We are very thankful indeed, that they have pledged their support in financially supporting a pastor to work here in Cairns. We have certainly hoped and prayed for this positive outcome that allows us to take the first step toward calling a pastor. We do remember however that all that is done here is the work of the Lord, not us. He uses our labours to achieve His end and does it in a way that is sometimes beyond our understanding.

This Friday we can remember Reformation Day. It is an awesome blessing that God has enlightened us through the Holy Spirit working through the Word, so that we may know the Truth that it holds. We can rejoice that the veil of darkness was lifted from the Church and the light allowed to shine once more. Let us all keep this Light shining bright in the world, lifted high like a beacon and not hidden away and protected from all possible threats under a bucket. Sometimes we worry too much about the challenges to the Light instead of concentrating on lifting it high and letting it shine bright. God will ensure it continues to shine, let us live as He has called.

Tomorrow we will hold elections for a new elder to serve among us. We pray God will bless also this process and equip the group here with a new elder to oversee His flock. Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow! Your brothers and sisters in Christ, in Cairns.

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