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Spring Holidays

Tuesday 23 September, 2014

Hello from Cairns. Spring is a lovely time of the year. It is a time of new life, abundant colour and growth. It makes us all very thankful for the blessings God provides and the new life He gives in Christ. We rejoice with the church in Launceston, Tasmania, at the news that the call to Rev Bredenhof has been accepted and pray God will be with him, as well as the church there, as the transition occurs. May God bless him as he undertakes the shepherding of the new flock. Speaking of shepherds, it is that time of the year when the call goes out asking for nominations to fill the roles of elders and deacons. We too are requesting nominations for a new elder to carry on the task br Matt Plug has undertaken over the last 2 years. It is drawing near to the end of his term of office.

 Nearly every fortnight the younger ones amongst us enjoy the afternoon Sunday School. This is not a replacement or alternative for the worship service, but does play an important role in the lives of those amongst us who are too old to just be playing in crèche, and yet a little too young to follow and fully understand the preaching of the word. Each school lesson begins with some engaging questions followed by a Bible story. At the moment they are working through the book of Genesis currently focusing on the lives of Jacob and Esau. A relevant worship song is often sung together, followed by prayer time. Prayer time consists of each child being asked and given the opportunity to suggest prayer points relevant to them and their peers, after which the teacher leads the little ones through these points in prayer together. Following this, a craft activity that brings home the message shared, is enjoyed by all.

The children here are already half way through their school holidays. It is a much needed break for most of them as they recover from the heavy workload they have. The end of Term 3 always seems to be a very busy time for the students here in Cairns. We pray they will be fully refreshed by the end of the week and rearing and ready to start school again. We pray all those that travel in this break time will have a safe and enjoyable trip. You can always come over and visit us here in Cairns. Have a blessed Lord’s day.

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