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Rev Hagg visits

Sunday 14 September, 2014

We in Cairns have been blessed with a visit from our minister Rev Hagg and br. Van Leeuwen. It was a great opportunity to catch up with each other. While we had our minister here, we were allowed to enjoy the celebration of the Lords Supper. Rev Hagg also took the opportunity to conduct the catechism classes in person on the Thursday night, rather than by the usual method of Skype. Both the Rev and the children thoroughly enjoyed the benefit of the free and open communication that is possible in person and reflect on a great night of learning. While catechism occurred in the one room, br. Van Leeuwen was able to join a number of us in our weekly prayer meeting outside on the deck. There is always so much to pray for, but of late we especially feel for and remember our Christian brothers and sisters in Albany, WA who have endured a number of very sad occasions in close succession. We continue to remember them and pray God will grant them the strength to endure. Much suffering is also happening in Iraq and elsewhere as fellow Christians are persecuted for their faith.  We pray that God may always be with them. Hopefully Rev Hagg's trip to PNG was also a success and he has returned home safely to WA by now.

Apart from the visitors mentioned above, we have enjoyed many other visitors. On Sunday past we said farewell to a number of sisters from WA who spent some months among us. Recently we also farewelled a travelling couple from WA who blessed us with their presence for quite a few weeks. We enjoyed a visit from a young couple from Victoria, who were here for a short holiday before heading West. A local family who joins us when possible, was able to come along with their father from Brisbane. Another local lady who has visited once before in the past could also bring along her elderly parents for the morning service and coffee. Another regular visitor is a young lady who attends the local university and worships with us nearly every week. As well as that we could enjoy the fellowship of some of the Tablelanders(the Tablelands are over the range from Cairns). We very much appreciate the support and fellowship we receive from our guests. It is also very encouraging to meet so many others from here as well as far away, who look up to Christ as their King and live to His glory. Blessings from your brothers and sisters Cairns!

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