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Anticipating a visit.

Monday 25 August, 2014

We are looking forward to the arrival of Rev Hagg and br. Van Leeuwen who hope to spend a short time with us, providing support to our group. The Lord willing we can celebrate the Lords Supper today with Rev Hagg leading the service. They come to us from Armadale, WA. As most of you may be aware, the church members in Cairns are actually church members of the Free Reformed Church of Armadale. The call for support was made to Armadale by some local people in the Cairns region back in 2009 which resulted in the creation of a subcommittee to investigate the possibility of supporting a house congregation in the area. In Mar/Apr 2009 two committee members, Rev W Huizinga and br. L VanDyk travelled to Cairns to visit the people there and assess the situation. The need for a truly reformed church in the area was established and many visits were made. Upon their return an extensive report was made by the subcommittee. Visits were also made to two families in the metro area who wished to join the prospective house congregation in Cairns with the view of establishing a Free Reformed Church there. A group had formed. Here follows a quote from the Una Sancta magazine, vol 56, num 16, 13 June 2009 written by W Huizinga. "Could the FRC Armadale accept spiritual responsibility for this group? On 28 April the consistory with deacons, after an ample discussion of the extensive report, decided to take the spiritual supervision and care of this group." And that's why even though we are on the other side of the country, we belong as members to Armadale church. Things have progressed slowly in the 5 years since the group was formed. Although there has always been the same vision since the beginning, that of forming a Free Reformed Church in the Cairns region, the way forward has not always been clear. We are travelling new territory. This sort of thing has not been done previously in the bond of churches and opinions differed on how things should go. Do we institute first or call a minister first? Who is able to support financially? Individuals, churches or is it the responsibility of Classis? While much work and patience has been required by all involved, it is heartening to see that things are moving forward. We currently await the next Classis meeting, where further discussion will be undertaken. Throughout the time involved in this process, one thing has become undoubtedly clear, and that is the need for a minister to work in the Cairns area. As a group here in Cairns, we thank Rev Huizinga and those following, for the support we have received in times past. At the same time we constantly and earnestly pray to God for the way forward to be made clear, so that we may have a minister in our midst as soon as humanly possible, and we ask that you all will join us in this prayer. Your brothers and sisters in Christ, in Cairns.

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