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Saturday 16 August, 2014

We have a desperate need for a pastor here in Cairns. While we are sometimes richly blessed with a visiting pastor, the norm here is to have reading services. Our normal Sunday looks somewhat different to other churches. We stay at church for the whole day without going home between the first and second service. The time between worship services is spent having coffee, lunch, and singing songs of worship. This practise began to accommodate those who travelled long distances to worship with us and has continued, as it is very convenient for the visitors amongst us. More importantly though, we have found it gives us a wonderful opportunity to witness, get too know our guests, and build the bonds between us. The strangers that walk in to church off the street, become acquaintances and friends over coffee and lunch. We can build much better relationships this way than if we all just wandered off home. The downside however is that by the afternoon, we are feeling somewhat tired and have a full stomach. This can sometimes make it hard to focus in the afternoon service. All our readers try their best but we are certainly not all gifted speakers like many of our ministers. For this reason we now regularly have worship services during which we watch/listen to, a sermon on video. The service is conducted by an elder as per the common liturgy both before and after the sermon. This has blessed us richly, allowing us to be nourished by different gifted pastors from our bond of churches, while easing the workload on the small group of readers we have here. Yet another gracious gift from God. 

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