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Easter Church Camp 2014

Friday 13 June, 2014

Although this event took place a couple of months ago, the memories are still very fresh of the fabulous Church camp we could experience at Easter time. This is the second year in a row that we have been able to host the camp, and from all accounts it was a great success and enjoyed by all. We thank God for allowing us to experience such rich opportunities of fellowship and fun, in a more relaxed setting. He also provided us with lovely clear weather, something which is definitely not a given for the Easter period.

With the camp taking place over the Easter weekend we were able to share in some additional devotions specific to this topic, under the guidance of Rev Kroeze, who was ministering to our Church group for a couple of months. We were very thankful to have Rev (and Mrs) Kroeze along with us at the Church camp and for the way in which they could minister to our group. 

Our group size was slightly smaller in number, (in comparison to last year), however we were able to have equally as much fun :) Our program was also a little less full with discussions and speeches, allowing for a little more free time, of which most of it wsa spent by the water. Two of our church families took their boats to camp, and both children and adults had an amazing time ont the water, enjoying all sorts of water activities.

Now for a few photos of this event:

The food hall, where all our meals took place.

Some of the Blue team members.

Having fun in the water!

Cousins having fun together!

Relaxing by the water's edge.

Playing volley ball with an oversized ball.

The big orange ball had many different purposes, for all age groups!

More water activities...

Dinner time...yum, yum...

Time on the crash mat - a real winner for all ages!

Early morning views over Lake Tinaroo.

Table tennis - another well loved activity, played continuously throughout the weekend.

Playdough - you are never too old to be creative :)

Evening games including poisin mat. 

Not sure what game this is called...Im sure we could think of many interesting names :)

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