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Farewell to a lovely family...

Sunday 25 August, 2013

In a small church group, saying farewell to members is never an easy thing. Each member plays an important and often vital task, and when they leave their place is sorely missed. Small church groups will often create an environment for close relationships to be built, so at times of farewell, saying good bye can be quite a difficult thing to do.

Recently we had to say good bye to Ivan and Jolene Byl and their daughter Nadia. Ivan and Jolene have been with our Church group for the past 2.5 years and we valued their presence and contribution. We had opportunity to share in the joyous moment of the birth of their first child Nadia, who was always happy to receive cuddles from any arms that she was placed in. We also shared in the journey of suffering that faced Jolene's family, when her brother was diagnosed with cancer, and more recently taken to be with the Lord. We give all thanks to God for the time that we could spend with Ivan and Jolene, and it is our prayer that God will bless this family richly as they settle in Western Australia and make it their new home.


The weekend prior to the departure of Ivan and Jolene we had opportunity to share an evening by the beach volley ball courts on the Esplanade. The idea was that we would enjoy a few games of beach volley ball, followed by a combined dinner. Unfortunately we didnt realise that the courts had been booked fora Masters tournament, meaning that all the courts were busy for the time that we were there. However it did give opportunity to take out the footy and soccer balls and the children still enjoyed much time on their scooters. 

Below are a few photos of this event:

On a more exciting note we have recently received news that the proposal our congregation has put forward for the institution of our own church, will be discussed at an ad-hoc classis meeting to be held on the 13th of September, dv. We pray that God will bless the discussions that take place at this meeting that the outcome may be favourable for our church group to become an independent church of the Free Reformed Bond of Churches in Australia. We also pray that He will continue to bless the Church work that happens here in Cairns that we may reach many people in our local community with His rich gospel. 

At present our church group has been blessed with another visit from Rev and Mrs Veldman. Having recently retired as the pastor of Southern River WA, we are thankful that for a second time this year Rev Veldman is willing to lead our worship services as well as be of practical support to our elders and deacon and of general support to the families living here. We wish Rev and Mrs Veldman God's continued care and guidance when they return home in a little over a week.

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