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Mid-year Update

Wednesday 12 June, 2013

The year is quickly slipping by and before long we will have already reached the half way point. We give all thanks to God for His continued care and protection over our Church group during the past number of months, since our last blog post.

As we reflect on recent months we are very thankful for the many new visitors that have joined us in worship. We continue to be blessed with faces from both near and far, some are here to holiday while others live in the nearby area. It has resulted in some lovely Sundays of great fellowship, a rich blessing to all of us that are living here. 

At present we are allowed to share much time with our various missionary families from PNG. Throughout the course of the next two months a number of the families in Lae and Port Moresby will be in the Cairns area for health reasons or a time of vacation. We are thankful for the relationships that can be built during the time that our missionary families are in our area and for the way in which we can be of support to one another. It is an enriching experience from both sides and something which is of encouragement to us all.

Of recent we were able to enjoy a Church breakfast at the home of Rod and Makeesha Byl. Originally this event was planned at one of the local parks, however the morning proved to be quite wet and so it was decided to head for a safer option. Breakfast included a great menu of bacon and eggs, freshly baked muffins, fruit and yoghurt, pancakes and lots of other delicious delicacies. It was a great way to start a Saturday, as we enjoyed much fellowship with our Church members as well as a number of visitors that were in our area. And to top it all off, we even had a surprise visitor...a 4m jungle python kindly welcomed all guests before heading up the stairs, where the breakafst was being hosted :) You got to love living in Cairns.

Men busy at the bbq.

Girls enjoying a chat .

Having fun with the skipping ropes.

Mr Jo helping to fix things with his drill.

Boys enjoying time together.

Yummy breakfast...enjoyed by both young and old!

In the coming months we may look forward to a number of guest ministers in our midst. A big thankyou to Rev and Mrs Veldman who have already spent time with our group back in March, and hope to join us again (dv) in August of this year. Rev Sikkema and Rev Kleyn from PNG, and Rev Rupke from Southern River WA, are also hoping to lead our worship services in the near future. We value these opportunities greatly, seeing that we do not have our own pastor at present.

As we close this post today we would just like to share that our Church group is currently working with the consistory of our home congregation in Armadale to become our own instituted Church. Much work and effort is required in this process and we ask that our readers will keep this in prayer. It is our earnest desire that God continue to bless the work that is being done here in Cairns, and that in due time we may also be an independent church of the Free Reformed Bond of Churches in Australia. 

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