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Easter Church Camp

Sunday 07 April, 2013


Last weekend our Church group together with a few additional visitors in our local area were able to share a special time away, by the shores of Lake Tinaroo. The camp in many ways was a 'last-minute' idea and we are very grateful that in a space of about 6-7 weeks we were able to share the idea of having a church camp, find a camp available for the Easter weekend (something we thought would almost be impossible!), and then organise the itinerary and food requirements. This is not to mention that we were backed by lots of eager participants, which allowed for an combined effort of the whole Church group to see this camp 'come off the ground'.

We now reflect on amazing time away, highlighted by the many hours of fellowship, organised social activities, marriage enrichment workshops for the adults and the opportunity to focus on the events of our Saviour, Jesus Christ as remembered at Easter. 

In total there was about 45 of us campers, sometimes a little more and some times a little less. We arrived at Camp Tinaroo mid-morning Easter Friday with opportunity to make ourselves at home, before an official start late morning. Once camp started we were broken up into 4 groups, each group being responsible for various cooking and cleaning activities throughout the day.

Sleeping arranagements was organised in two large dorms, one for guys and one for girls, each able to house about 40 people in total. There was also a number of smaller rooms catering for up to 4 people which we used for the families who had young toddlers.

The facilities at Camp Tinaroo are quite old and yet perfect for what we needed it for. The location was magic and we loved the opportunity to engage in water activities whether it was swimming, having fun on old tyre tubes, fishing, checking cray pots or spending time out on the boat.

Throughout the weekend we had some organised workshops focusing on marriage enrichment. These workshops were presented by Rev Veldman who has previously ran many marriage enrichment camps in Western Australia. The information that was presented was challenging, encouraging and provided some great discussions which we all could learn from.

During the evenings we were entertained with organised games ranging from musical chairs to poision mat and lots of other relays. It definitely brought back good memories for most adults, of their years at younger youth camps. We also could enjoy a couple of bonfire nights, providing a great atmosphere for fellowship.

We give all thanks to God for creating the opportunity to host a Church camp. He blessed us with amazing clear sunny weather allowing for lots of outdoor activities to take place. He also kept us all safe from harm and accidents, providing for us abundantly in so many ways.

Below are some photos taken at Camp Tinaroo:

Camp Tinaroo - right by the shores of Lake Tinaroo in the Tablelands.

Our camp attendees for the weekeend (formal shot above...and normal shot below)

Aliesha and Brooklyn finding their new beds for the weekend.

Shakira and Mali helping out with their group chores.

Evening games - musical chairs (above) and throwing cheese balls (below)

Girls enjoying the sports equipment the camp had to offer.

Face painting was a great success thanks to Liz Irons.

Having fun on the water.

Sjaak van Laar teaching the girls to play chess. 

Mrs Veldman enjoying cuddles with Nadia - our youngest camp attendee.

Lunch time - yum, yum!!

The fisherman hard at work!!

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