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Ordination of a new office bearer

Friday 05 April, 2013

The Sunday prior to Easter, was another memorable day for our Church group here in Cairns. Due to the retirement of our current deacon, Gilbert Jansen, elections had recently taken place for a new deacon. Brother Brad Pleiter was chosen for this office, and we were able to witness his ordination amidst members, friends and visitors. We pray that God will bless Brad in the task that he has been given in our congregation.

The ordination of Brad was conducted in the first service led by retired pastor, Rev Albert Veldman, from the church of Southern River in Western Australia. Rev Veldman and his wife Helen have recently arrived in Cairns and have offered their services to our congregation for just under 4 weeks. We are very grateful for the opportunities that come with having a pastor in our midst. Not only have we benefited from extra preaching services, we have also been able to work through a marriage enrichment program which has been of great value and encouragement. 

Below are a couple of photos captured on the Sunday of Brad's ordination to the office of deacon.

Rev Veldman together with Brad Pleiter

Brad's family was able to witness this occasion with him.

Ladies enjoying a catchup after Church.

Younger girls enjoying themselves.

Boys hard at work in the kitchen...quite a common sight here in Cairns :)

Older girls catching up.

Never a Sunday without some square ball taking place.

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