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Much to be thankful for...

Sunday 17 February, 2013

We are very thankful for the Lord's care and protection of all our church members during the Christmas and New Year break. Many of our families were granted opportunity to enjoy a period of vacation, of which we were all kept safe from both harm and accident. In particular we give thanks for God's care, when many other parts of our State was ravaged by flooding and the loss of property, animals and lives. It is this time of the year that our State is most susceptible to extreme weather patterns and every season again we are aware of the fact that we could be faced with cyclonic weather and flooding. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in the southern areas of our state who have experienced much loss. May God use times of 'natural disaster' to allow many to find refuge in His strength and love.

We experienced many visitors in our midst during the month of December and January, which was a great blessing to our group. We had opportunity to say our final farewells to Wayne and Cheronne van der Heide and family as they made their final trip from Papua New Guinea to Albany Western Australia, where they are now living. We received this family in our midst a number of times during their period on the mission fields and valued the relationship we could share with this family. We pray God will continue to bless the van der Heide family as they now settle in Albany, WA.

As we could come to the close of 2012, our congregation received news of two additional families who DV, will be joining our Church group this year. As you will have read from previous blog postings on this website, the desire for additional families to join our church group was something that we prayed for regularly and we give all thanks to God who has now answered our prayers in a special way.

With the permission of the two families we would now like to share this exciting news with our broader community. We look forward to meeting family Matt and Wilma Postmus from the Free Reformed Church of Rockingham who are hoping to make their way across to Cairns sometime early September. We also share the same excitement for Family Colin and Erin Berkelaar from the Free Reformed Church of Byford who hope to join our group at the close of this year. Both families are in the process of preparing themselves and their children for this big move and it is our prayer that God will grant them the strength, wisdom and support that they need, as they work through the necessary steps of moving and saying farewell to close family and friends.

In the coming months our Church group has a few other exciting events to look forward to. Towards the end of next month we look forward to the services of recently retired pastor Rev Veldman and his wife of Southern River, who are willing to spend some time in our midst. Although we are thankful for the capable brothers in our midst, who willingly lead our services on a weekly basis, having a Pastor in our area is always something that grants additional excitement. We look forward to the visit of Pastor Veldman and his wife in the coming weeks.

Plans are also underway for our first Church camp which we hope to host on the Easter Weekend. As a church group we hope to share much time of fellowship together up at Lake Tinaroo for the duration of 3 days. Much work still needs to happen for this event to come together, however we are looking forward to this event and the different opportunities that come from spending valuable time together as brothers and sisters. 

Before we sign off from this post, we would again like to share the prayers and desire of our Church group to soon have our own Pastor for the work in Cairns and surrounding areas. As a group we continue to pray for God's blessing on this desire and the steps that are taken for this to happen. We ask that many of our readers may also continue to carry this request in their prayers. 

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