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Visit from the Hagg Family

Wednesday 21 November, 2012

The past two weeks our church group could enjoy some very special time with Rev and Mrs Hagg and their four daughters. As most of our readers are aware Rev Hagg is the pastor to the Free Reformed Church of Armadale, WA of which we are also members of. The Hagg family have only recently moved to Australia to take up their role in the Armadale congregation, and so their visit to Cairns was primarily to become acquainted with their members that live a little further abroad.

The past two Sundays we could be encouraged and strengthened by the preaching of Rev Hagg as well as have the opportunity to celebrate Lord's Supper. We also had quite an influx of visitors during this time allowing for some wonderful occasions to fellowship. 

Last week Saturday we were able to enjoy a special dinner with the Hagg family at the Centre where we worship on Sundays. We were served a fabulous 3 course meal thanks to our famous cooks - Sjaak and Cheree van Laar. The meal was complimented by lots of additional salads and desserts provided by the rest of the ladies in the congregation. We reflect on a very relaxed evening with plenty of good laughs and some very full tummy's at the end of the night.

Below are some photos of this occasion:

Rev and Mrs Hagg and their four girls have now returned to Western Australia. We would like to thank them for the time that they shared with our group and for the support that we have been able to receive through their family.

We are fast approaching the Christmas season, a busy period of the year as work and school comes to a close and many families are preparing for a short time away. It is also a very festive time of the year as we commemorate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ and the wonderful gift that God has given to His people in sending His son to earth. It is our prayer that this coming Christmas many people may hear and share in the glorious gospel news of the birth of Christ and the richness it has for the lives of all those that believe.

Please return to this blog if you will be in our area at Christmas time. We soon hope to  share more details about our Christmas service.

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