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Welcome to the Kleyn Family

Tuesday 30 October, 2012

It has been over a month already since our last blog post. A month with lots of new faces in the Cairns area, a month which included some very special Sundays as well as extra times of fellowship. 

Our new faces have come from far and wide, some were international while others were from our own country. Some were able to stay with us for a long time while others were able to stay with us for a brief period. However for all the many visitors that were in our midst, we thank God for the opportunity we have had to fellowship together and to be richly encouraged in each other's lives.

Of most recent we have been able to welcome Rev Cornelis and Greta Kleyn to Cairns. They have come to us from PNG where they have recently been called to minister at the Reformed Bible College in Port Morseby. While spending some time in the village as part of their POC training a number of members from their family became seriously ill with suspected malaria. Their family was flown to Cairns for medical treatment which they are currently receiving. Although the circumstances surrounding their visit have been quite difficult we are very thankful for the time that they can spend in Cairns and the time that we may have getting to know this family and being of support to them. We pray that God will grant them full restoration of health and that in His time they may also head back home again. Below is a photo of family Kleyn who were with us at Church last week Sunday:

Last week Saturday our Church group was able to enjoy another afternoon of beach volley ball down by the Esplanade. It was a lovely afternoon of fellowship and fun and it was exciting to have so many visitors join us for this occasion. The beach volley ball action was in full force for a number of hours, after which we enjoyed dinner together. A few photos from this event can be found below:

The action begins...

The game begins...

Matt in action...

Tyler ready to attack.

The game in full swing.

Nadia giving lots of beautiful smiles.

3 cousins having fun on their scooters.

Kate with cheeky Callum.

Josiah deep in thought...

In the near future we are now looking forward to the visit of Rev and Mrs Hagg and their family from Armadale. Although Rev Hagg is our minister from a distance we value the opportunity we have to spend time with his family as well as share the needs surrounding our own church situation.

On a more general scene many of you will have heard Cairns mentioned in the news as the 'primary location' for being able to witness the eclipse on November 14th. We have heard from our local newspapers and radio stations to expect an additional 40,000-60,000 people in Cairns in the lead up to this event and a few days following. So if anyone is hoping to be in our area during this time we hope that you have your accomodation and car rentals all booked smiley There is definitely not much available at this stage. 

Till next time...greetings from the Cairns Church Group

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