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Bonfire Night

Sunday 09 September, 2012

The temperatures have really been warming up a little the past couple of weeks and it feels as if we have left winter behind, with summer now fast approaching. The nights have not been so cold anymore and our day time temperatures are starting to hover around the 29-30C mark. With little to no humidity at this stage, we have really been experiencing some gorgeous weather. 

It was in the climate conditions just described, that as church group we were able to spend some time on Saturday afternoon down at Holloways Beach. With most people arriving around 4.30-5pm we were able to engage in some beach acitivities whether it was swimming, flying a kite, fishing, kicking a footy, climbing trees or just having a great chat!

Dinner was cooked over a small bonfire and included fresh salmon only caught a few minutes earlier. Nothing like eating fish only minutes after it has been caught. The children thoroughly enjoyed warm marshmallows for dessert, having just roasted them over the fire.

All in all we can reflect on a fabulous afternoon! Below are a few memories captured at this event...

Aiyden, Shakira and Aliesha having fun climbing one of the near by trees.

The Pleiter boys flying their kite.

Something we must always be on the look out for when we go to the beach...not Aliesha...but the crocodiles :)

Savannah and Teleah having fun in the sand.

More beach fun...Aliesha, Teleah and Janaya.

Mr Josiah enjoying himself.

Chatting around the bonfire.

Aidyn and Shakira having playing a ball game.

Miss Nadia very happy to be entertained by all those around her. Such a cutie!!

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