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Monday 12 March, 2012

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunday together in Cairns.

As it was the 2nd Sunday of the month we have a pre-arranged 'sing-a-long' at one of the retirement homes here in Cairns where we share the gospel and music with some older members of the community.  It is a fantastic opportunity to be a 'light in the world' to these people who just love to sing along with us and really appreciate the time we take to talk with them about the Lord.

Once we finished singing we headed along to Church, where we made the most of Rev Sikkema (and his wife and daughter) being in Cairns, to celebrate the Lord's Supper together.   Rev Sikkema delivered a great message about Jesus' Parable, in Luke 16:19-31, of the Rich man and Lazarus.  It was a good reminder of how 'rich' we are, but are we using those 'riches' for God's glory or our own?  Are we setting ourselves up for a life here on earth...or an eternal life in Heaven with God?

When we have an afternoon service we enjoy coffee & cake after the sermon, before the adults have a sermon/Bible discussion, the older children have Catechism instruction and the younger children enjoy a Sunday School lesson and activity.  Once these are finished we all have dinner together before it's time to go home around 6:30pm.While our Sunday's are quite 'busy' it is such a good opportunity to enjoy the Communion of Saints together, to encourage one another and upbuild each other in the Lord. 

We have continued to enjoy visitors from Western Australia, Canada and other parts of the World, although at this time of the year (the Wet Season) it has slowed down quite a bit.  We also have a few families from the local communities come to our services regularly and we pray the Lord will work through us, and with them, that their faith may grow and they may come to see Him as their only Saviour.

Over the last few Sunday's we have missed the familes Pete & Marcelle Jansen and Gil & Lucinda Jansen who have started worshipping up in Yungaburra, on the Tablelands.  They aim to encourage members of the communities around Mareeba, Atherton and Yungaburra to come and worship together with them and, with the Lord's blessings, grow into another 'congregation'. It is our prayer that God grant growth in this area also.

The weather in Cairns has been quite different from last year's Wet Season.  We haven't had much Cairn's standards.  Last year we had already had a lot of rain by this time, and even a cyclone!  This past week the rain has started...but not a lot yet.  However, even the small amount of rain we have had has been enough to give all the plants a boost and make everything grow again, and also to make most of the waterfalls run again, but not enough to flood the rivers and cause chaos on the roads.  Today it is a beautiful 25 degrees celcius with sporadic showers.  

Here are a few pictures of Cairns and the surrounding areas for you to look at;


Josephine Falls


Along one of the footpaths to the falls.


The Barron Falls in the Wet Season.




Ellinjaa Falls.


Millaa Millaa Falls. 


Great Barrier Reef



The Botanical Gardens


Blue flowers.


Driving through the clouds.


Beautiful Port Douglas


Beach in the Daintree.


Boardwalk through the rainforest.


One of the many many little creeks.


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