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Tuesday 14 February, 2012

Already February 2012....well I guess we can say 2011 is well and truly over!  What an amazing year we have had as a group here in Far North Queensland.  As we reflect on last year we can only be extremely thankful that God has been with us and granted us so many blessings.  We are continually in His care and guidance!

For our group 2011 was a year of growth, with the arrival of quite a few new members from Western Australia, Holland and Canada.  Our numbers swelled from 5 families to 12!  From 19 people to 40!  And although we have 'lost' Jane & Emily vanderBrugge, who have returned to Albany, we are postitive about continued growth both from the local community and abroad.   We also continue to enjoy internal growth with 3 new babies born last year and at least one new arrival coming this year...that we know off!  All the best Ivan & Jo!

We continue to have regular visitors, from the surrounding community, to our services and we pray the Lord will work, in us and them, to bring about a greater understand of God.  It is always nice to have 'new' faces on Sunday!  We have also had an abundance of visitors from various churches overseas and in Western Australia/Tasmania.  It is a great feeling to drive to church on a Sunday morning and not know which new people you will be meeting that day!

During the year we could enjoy visits from missionaries in PNG and Lae.  We really do appreciate their input into decisions we make here as they have good ideas about evangalising in our local community.  We also enjoy socialising with the missionaries and their families.  It is wonderful to see the work the Lord is doing through these families in their respective areas.

For 3 months we had the privelidge of Rev Huizinga and his Wife (retired pastor from the Free Reformed Church of Armadale).  We are very thankful for the time and effort that was put in to help and guide us in the right direction. 

2011 also saw us gain an Elder and Deacon to oversee the group and we thank God that He has granted Matt Byl and Gil Jansen wisdom and strength to carry out their tasks.  It is our prayer that He will continue to grant these men what they need as it is only with God guiding them that they are able.

Last year, this month, Cyclone Yasi caused lots of destruction throughout Far North Queensland and once again we can also reflect on God's protection in Cairns during the Cat 5 cyclone...and also be thankful that there has not been any bad cyclones this far!  We have actually had quite unusual weather for this time of the year.  Rather then lots and lots of rain it has actually been very warm (around the 30 degrees) and very humid, so we are all looking forward to the 'wet' starting so it will be a little cooler and not so humid. 

So..if you are planning a trip....why not make it to CAIRNS?   We would love to have you here!

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