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Sunday 28th August 2011

Monday 29 August, 2011

Sunday 28th August was a special day for us here in Cairns!


We were able to celebrate Lord's Supper and once again remember Christ's redeeming work on the cross...what a blessing! 

Also we were also able to celebrate Rev & Mrs Huizinga's 40th Wedding anniversary!  While for them it would have been a different anniversary having none of their own children/family around...for us it was special to be able to help them celebrate.  It was also their last Sunday with us....after 3 months it is time for them to return home to Western Australia. 

We have felt very blessed to have Rev Huizinga's guidance and leadership for 3 months and we thank God for allowing such an opportunity.  Rev Huizinga will probably need to have a good rest once he is home again because we took full advantage of  his wisdom and knowledge while he was here!  I think, though, that we may see him back again one it is not 'goodbye' for is 'see you soon'!  Thank-you Rev & Mrs Huizinga for the all the work you have done here, we pray you have a safe  trip home and look forward to seeing you back in Cairns one day.

Here are some photo's from Sunday:


The delicious.....huge.....anniversary cake one of our members organised!


Cutting the cake.


Lunch time.


We have been having beautiful weather here in Cairns which has been bringing a steady flow of visitors which we have been thoroughly enjoying. 

However, we have also been having a few 'bugs' floating around and causing illnesses.  We pray everyone may regain their health over the next few weeks so we may, once again, have a 'healthy' group!

There have been no new members lately but we have had a few new people join us on a regular basis and we pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their hearts that they may join us in a more 'permanent' way in due time.




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Posted by Mirjam Griffioen on Thursday 15 September, 2011

Hello everybody! How are you? It has been some weeks ago but I thought have a look on the church site.. nice to see the pictures. Back in Holland now for almost 3 weeks now, I really miss the Australia life! Thanks for all the good things and time, for the very warm welcome! Greetings and God bless you Mirjam Griffioen Was just looking on the site, nice to see the pictures, I hope everybody is ok??