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Update on Cairns

Thursday 04 August, 2011

Hello all

since our last update a few things have happened.....

firstly...we have a few new members...Jane & Emily van der Brugge and also Fred vanderWal have joined us.  We welcome you all to our small group and we pray you will become active members. 

secondly...Rev Huizinga and his wife have been with us for two months now and only have a few weeks left of their stay.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having them here and hopefully we haven't worn the Rev out too much with all the work we have asked of him.  Thanks Rev Huizinga...and Mrs...for blessing our little group with your knowledge and encouragment.

thirdly...we have now been in our 'new' premises for 1 month and it is going well.  The new place suits us 'down to a T' and makes for a smoother Sunday.  You will have to come have a look!

fourth...we have had lots and lots and lots of visitors...always something we are grateful for.  It is nice to head off to church in the morning and not know who you will meet that day...exciting!


With our numbers now standing at a whopping 37....we thought it was time to update the 'family' here is the latest picture of us all .... without anyone missing!



And just to give you an idea of the new are a few photo's around the place on a Sunday...

...sitting around having coffee/chat after the service...


.....and standing around having a chat....


...then...once lunch is's time to do the are two of our best dishwashers.....Matt & Ivan Byl...


...but then the ladies thought they needed a a few more helpers in the kitchen...


So there you have a few snapshots of our sunday.  If you would like to see are most welcome - we have plenty of room!


The Cairns Group

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