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A Quick Update.....

Monday 06 June, 2011

Our group now has the assistance of Rev Huizinga as he and his wife have arrived for their 3 month stay in this beautiful part of the country!  We are very thankful that Rev H was willing to provide us with some help and guidance and we pray the Lord will bless the work we undertake together. 

We have also been blessed with the arrival of another member of our group......little Josiah Byl was born last week to Rod & Makeesha!  With thanks to God all went well and Josiah could be welcomed into the Byl family and also into our growing group.

Sunday was another big day for us with two services for the day and also quite a few visitors once again. We thank God for all these new (and not so new!) faces amongst us and we wish them safe travels - wherever they may be going!

We wish you all a blessed week.


'Our' Pastor and his wife - Rev & Mrs Huizinga.


Getting ready for our morning service. 

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