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Sunday 17th April 2011

Sunday 24 April, 2011

A bit late but as they say...'better late then never'! 

As a group we could reflect on a very uplifting Sunday - 17th April 2011.

We were able to celebrate Lord's Supper which, as a small group without a pastor (and somewhat isolated), is not something we take for granted.  We were thankful that Rev Huizinga could fly over from Armadale in WA to conduct our service and we would like to express to him our sincere gratitude for this.


Rev W. Huizinga from Armadale, WA


On the same Sunday we could also witness the ordination of our new office bearers!  Yes, with thankfulness to God we are now able to have our own elder - Br Matt Byl, and deacon - Br Gil Jansen.  We pray that God may grant them all the strength and wisdom they need to fulfill this task to His honour and glory!

Not only did we have Rev Huizinga in our midst....but also the chairman of Armadale Consistory - Br A Terpstra. 

Left to Right: Br Gilbert Jansen, Br A Terpstra, Br M Byl, signing the form. if we weren't blessed enough in one day...we could also witness the baptism of our newest member....Teleah Jasmyn Byl! 


What a gorgeous little bundle!


So Sunday 17th April 2011 will hold a special place in the hearts of members of our group as a day of celebration and blessings from God in which we could have 2 new milestones!  After the service we could have a scrumptious lunch together....followed by singing.....and then a delicious afternoon tea.


Lunch time.

Happy people!

 Some of our dedicated kitchen staff!!


The 'cool' kids.

Girls corner.


Time for some singing.


Afternoon tea.


Since the last blog our small group has increased....with the arrival of Ivan & Jolene Byl, Sjaak & Cherie vanLaar and also Dean & Kate Visser.  With thankfulness to the Lord they are all settling in well to the laid back Cairns lifestyle and God has also richly provided all the men with work - something which we can't take for granted in these times!  We also have a couple from South Africa, who have shifted to Cairns recently, who have been coming to our services...welcome Hermann & Debbie Peters, we hope you continue to join us - we love having you in our midst!

We have all been saddened with the loss of Sjaak's father, in Holland, for which they flew back to attend the funeral.  We pray Sjaak & Cherie may receive comfort from God during the weeks and months ahead.

Where we have been faced with death....we also are faced with new life!  Along with Rod & Makeesha Byl and Dean & Kate Visser we all look forward to the birth of their little ones.  God has blessed their pregnancies, so far, and we pray that He will continue to make all things well with both mother and babies. We look forward to celebrating Baptism a few more times!

Over the last few weeks/months we have had many visitors to our side of the country from all over the world - something which we thoroughly enjoy! Among them are some who have been so many times they no longer think of themselves as visitors but 'semi-permanent locals'! 

Thanks to all who keep us in their prayers...we have been truly blessed by the Lord!

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Posted by Christina and Michael Verbrugge. on Saturday 30 April, 2011

So very pleased to see the " small?" congregation growing.We follow your life as a church in the Lord via this wonderful medium, the computer. Wishing you many more Blessings.

Posted by Stephen 't Hart on Monday 25 April, 2011

Wonderful report! May God bless you that you might be a blessing to Cairns!