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New Venue

Wednesday 06 July, 2011

Last Sunday we could give our new premises a 'test run' and it seems to suit our needs perfectly.......we thank God for providing us with this fantastic new venue!


Front of the Marlin Coast Centre.


 Getting ready for the service to start.


The kitchen area.


The playground.

Standing around chatting after the service.

Once again we had a few visitors join us last Sunday...along with an 'old local' - Ryan vanDongen and his girlfriend are in Cairns for a visit and I'm sure they are enjoying catching up with everyone again. 

Rev & Nadia Wildeboer were also in our midst last is nice to see them again and we pray they have an enjoyable time in Cairns before they head back to PNG.

Emily & Jane van der Brugge are the latest members of our group (sorry it's a bit late girls!) - welcome and we pray you feel at home here.

We have been enjoying the 'services' of retired minister Rev Huizinga, over the last few weeks, and we look forward to his continued guidance and wisdom.

With Christian Greetings.....














































































Change of Venue

Wednesday 29 June, 2011

Due to some fantastic 'legwork' by some of our members we have found a more suitable venue to hold our church services.  If you are planning a visit to this gorgeous part of Australia and would like to join us on Sundays please note the change of address. 

As of 3rd July 2011, we will now be meeting at the Marlin Coast Centre - 2 Reed Road, Smithfield.  Times stay the same, as before, for most Sundays with the exception of the 2nd Sunday of every month, when there is another group using the hall at those times, so our services will start at 2pm (instead of 10am).


Please feel free to join us!!


A Quick Update.....

Monday 06 June, 2011

Our group now has the assistance of Rev Huizinga as he and his wife have arrived for their 3 month stay in this beautiful part of the country!  We are very thankful that Rev H was willing to provide us with some help and guidance and we pray the Lord will bless the work we undertake together. 

We have also been blessed with the arrival of another member of our group......little Josiah Byl was born last week to Rod & Makeesha!  With thanks to God all went well and Josiah could be welcomed into the Byl family and also into our growing group.

Sunday was another big day for us with two services for the day and also quite a few visitors once again. We thank God for all these new (and not so new!) faces amongst us and we wish them safe travels - wherever they may be going!

We wish you all a blessed week.


'Our' Pastor and his wife - Rev & Mrs Huizinga.


Getting ready for our morning service. 

Sunday June 5th Road closures and delays

Monday 30 May, 2011

For anyone who is in Cairns, and hoping to join us on Sunday June 5th, at the Kewarra Beach Hall, for church please be advised that due to the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival there will be some road closures and delays.

The following is from the Cairns Regional Council website:


Sunday 5 June - Road closures:

  • Captain Cook H’way: from Buchan St, Palm Cove to Old Port Rd, Port Douglas – closed 7.00am – 4.30pm. Access to Port Douglas from Cairns will be via Kennedy Highway through Kuranda, Mareeba, Mt Molloy. Note: a boat shuttle will also operate between Cairns and Port Douglas - see the Challenge Cairns website for timetable and details.
  • Captain Cook H’way: from Veivers Rd to Discovery Drive – closed 9.30am – 10.30am. (Both lanes open to traffic at all other times.)
  • Old Port Road: from Captain Cook H’way to Port Douglas Road – closed 7:30am – 3:30pm. Alternative route via St Crispians Ave, Port Douglas Rd and Mahogany St.
  • Macrossan Street: from Davidson St to Wharf St – closed 8am – 3:30pm. Alternative route via St Crispians Ave, Port Douglas Rd and Mahogany St.
  • Esplanade one-way northbound lane (between Spence to Upward Sts) – closed 9am Sunday – 1am Monday.
  • MacGregor Rd and Dunne Rd, Yorkeys Knob – closed 6am – 6:30pm.

Sunday 5 June - Changed conditions (expect delays):

  • Captain Cook H’way: Smithfield Shopping Centre to Discovery Dve - reduced to one lane in either direction with reduced speed limit.
  • Captain Cook H’way: Yorkeys Knob Rd to Airport Dve – single lane closure (southbound) and decreased speed limit 9:30am – 8:30pm.
  • Varley St and Wattle St, Yorkeys Knob: special event clearways will be enforced 4am – 7pm. Check signs prior to parking vehicles.

Please check to see which closures or delays will affect your journey.

We will still be having church so please don't let this stop you coming to join us....we love visitors!!!

Small Beginnings

Wednesday 18 May, 2011

Back row: L to R: Maria Jansen, Lucinda Jansen, Gil Jansen, Nathan Jansen, Peter Jansen, Marcelle Jansen

Front row: L to R: Vernon Jansen, Chad Jansen, Matt Plug


Here is a photo from mid 2009.  We thought we would share it with you to show our humble beginnings.  

We have grown from 9 people (3 families) to our current numbers - 33 people (9 families)!! 

The Lord has blessed us with much growth!

Sunday 17th April 2011

Sunday 24 April, 2011

A bit late but as they say...'better late then never'! 

As a group we could reflect on a very uplifting Sunday - 17th April 2011.

We were able to celebrate Lord's Supper which, as a small group without a pastor (and somewhat isolated), is not something we take for granted.  We were thankful that Rev Huizinga could fly over from Armadale in WA to conduct our service and we would like to express to him our sincere gratitude for this.


Rev W. Huizinga from Armadale, WA


On the same Sunday we could also witness the ordination of our new office bearers!  Yes, with thankfulness to God we are now able to have our own elder - Br Matt Byl, and deacon - Br Gil Jansen.  We pray that God may grant them all the strength and wisdom they need to fulfill this task to His honour and glory!

Not only did we have Rev Huizinga in our midst....but also the chairman of Armadale Consistory - Br A Terpstra. 

Left to Right: Br Gilbert Jansen, Br A Terpstra, Br M Byl, signing the form. if we weren't blessed enough in one day...we could also witness the baptism of our newest member....Teleah Jasmyn Byl! 


What a gorgeous little bundle!


So Sunday 17th April 2011 will hold a special place in the hearts of members of our group as a day of celebration and blessings from God in which we could have 2 new milestones!  After the service we could have a scrumptious lunch together....followed by singing.....and then a delicious afternoon tea.


Lunch time.

Happy people!

 Some of our dedicated kitchen staff!!


The 'cool' kids.

Girls corner.


Time for some singing.


Afternoon tea.


Since the last blog our small group has increased....with the arrival of Ivan & Jolene Byl, Sjaak & Cherie vanLaar and also Dean & Kate Visser.  With thankfulness to the Lord they are all settling in well to the laid back Cairns lifestyle and God has also richly provided all the men with work - something which we can't take for granted in these times!  We also have a couple from South Africa, who have shifted to Cairns recently, who have been coming to our services...welcome Hermann & Debbie Peters, we hope you continue to join us - we love having you in our midst!

We have all been saddened with the loss of Sjaak's father, in Holland, for which they flew back to attend the funeral.  We pray Sjaak & Cherie may receive comfort from God during the weeks and months ahead.

Where we have been faced with death....we also are faced with new life!  Along with Rod & Makeesha Byl and Dean & Kate Visser we all look forward to the birth of their little ones.  God has blessed their pregnancies, so far, and we pray that He will continue to make all things well with both mother and babies. We look forward to celebrating Baptism a few more times!

Over the last few weeks/months we have had many visitors to our side of the country from all over the world - something which we thoroughly enjoy! Among them are some who have been so many times they no longer think of themselves as visitors but 'semi-permanent locals'! 

Thanks to all who keep us in their prayers...we have been truly blessed by the Lord!

Good Friday

Thursday 21 April, 2011

Just a quick message:

Anyone who is in the Cairns area is welcome to join us for a Good Friday service.  It will be held at the Kewarra Beach Hall starting at 10am, followed by morning tea.

From Mareeba to Cairns....

Tuesday 22 February, 2011

Welcome to the Cairns Free Reformed Church Blog. A brand new venture for us but one we hope will be a joyful experience as we share the ups and downs of our house group here in the Far North Queensland. By way of this blog we will be able to keep you all updated and share our photos, and experiences with you all. 

Well after almost two years in the Tablelands the Cairns House group, has decided to pick up and move down the mountain to the coast of Cairns. We have enjoyed the usage of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, as well as the Anglican Church buildings in Mareeba. Both churches were most happy for us to use their facilities which we were so thankful for! The only down side was that it was hard to advertise, and say.... We are a Free Reformed Church meeting at the Anglican church? Created a little bit of confusion at times. However we still have had a wonderful array of visitors from all over the world! In the past year, there has only been a handful of Sundays where we didn't have a visitor or two in our midst. So wonderful to meet so many new faces from Canada, Tasmania, Albany, Holland, the West, Queenslanders, and of course our fabulous missionaries from PNG as well. Not only that it added to our numbers each week as well which is always a blessing when you have such a small group.

Our usual routine on a Sunday is we meet for a Worship service where the men of the group take turns reading a sermon prepared by one of our sister church ministers. We then all enjoy a pot luck luncheon, which always leaves us full and thankful. Once we are cleaned up we all gather around for a Sing-a-long. We are blessed to have the wonderful musical skills of Peter Jansen on the Piano, and occasionally Gil on the French Horn. The singing time is often enjoyed by the kids as well, and we certainly can belt out the tunes. It is also something our visitors have enjoyed immensely (as well as the lunch!) After the vocal cords have had their work out, the adults gather round for Bible Study and the children head off for some Catechism instruction. On the first Sunday of the month we will have a second worship service in place of the Bible Study. All of this makes for a most enjoyable day of fellowship, prayer, study and worship. It is always a BIG day, especially when there is an hour+ travel involved either way to gather together. For the past 2 years we have all met on the Tablelands, however with more and more people from the group moving to Cairns, the decision was recently made to move the group down to Cairns. This makes even more travel for the Jansen families that live in Atherton.

Here are some photos of our very last Sunday together at the Anglican Church in Mareeba....

The front of the Anglican Church....

The inside of the Anglican church...

Matthew Byl, Gilbert Jansen, Peter Jansen and Rex from Mareeba all enjoying lunch together....

Rodney Byl and Brad Pleiter....

Our Sing-a-longs together....

We were blessed with finding a new premises rather quickly and have started at the beginning of February to meet in Kewarra Beach at a hall there. So far we are settling in all okay. The hall is rather echo-y and whilst that is fabulous for the Sing-a-long, not so great for the readers.... Hopefully with time and few more bodies in the pews, we will have that resolved.

The group was so happy for the safe arrival of the Brad & Michelle Pleiter family from Rockingham in January. The Pleiters have been on their very own adventure touring the top end as a family on the past 5 months on their way to moving to Cairns. Their much anticipated arrival came at the very start to the new year. It has been fabulous to have some older children amongst us as well, and so far they are settling in well. Much for all of us to be thankful for!

Another recent event we are most thankful for is the safety of the whole group here in Cairns when category 5 Cyclone Yasi hit the Queensland coast! It was a very scary time for many of us as we haven't been faced with a cyclone of that magnitude before. The possible devastation that could be caused by a cyclone of such great proportions was unknown, and much fear was evident amongst all in Cairns and the surrounding area as it was headed right for us. We truly felt so very loved and cared for with all the  messages of love, care and support and most importantly PRAYERS, we all received during this time. The unknown certainly was quite frightening for all of us, but another opportunity to put our full trust in God and Him alone. Praise God, no one was seriously hurt or killed in the cyclone, as well as it moved a little further down the coast so minimal damage was had to Cairns itself. Whilst it is completely devastating to the communities of Innisfail, Tully, and Cardwell, these areas are low population so less lives were in danger. The clean up has begun and the highway is now open again. It is amazing how we are affected when there is flooding or a cyclone, and the roads are closed. Supplies become scarce in the grocery stores and shelves are bare. Certainly something different for us west aussies to see.  

So there is a brief update to what the group has been experiencing of late. We will endeavour to keep you all posted on the comings and goings of the group. At this stage we don't know how often that will be. I am sure there will busy times, and quieter times ahead. For now we are looking forward to setting in nicely at the Cairns premises as well as very much looking forward to the arrival of 3 new families in the coming month. Please pray for the safe arrival of Ivan & Jolene Byl from Canada,Dean & Kate Visser from the West, and from our Holland roots Sjaak and Cherie VanLaar. We eagerly await their joining us very soon.

Please know that we also love visitors, and what a better place to visit than Cairns??!! Cairns is a place where you truly see the majesty of God amongst the Mountains, Waterfalls, Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef! ....and the people here are lovely..*wink*

Till next time....